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India-UK Expansion programme ( IUKEP )

India-UK Expansion programme ( IUKEP ), an initiative of British South India Council of Commerce and delivered by Sivaleen Inc and its associates, is a programme which is designed to help companies to expand into UK and Indian markets. It includes a set of modules which helps you to set up and run a company in UK and India– from bricks and mortar to people and processes .

It offers cost effective market entry & business solutions for international companies seeking to access India market and UK market. Companies who are part of the programme get invited to BSICC business meets including the ones which is being held at British Parliament, London over the years and other BSICC partner events. the companies will be able to market themselves as being part of the programme as long as they use BSICC services and thereby, can use BSICC brand in their marketing materials.




The programmes has following modules. Companies can choose the modules depending on their requirement.




Liaison office - United Kingdom and India - Establish an advance team before establishing the company in UK or India.


Your staff, your priorities, our infrastructure. This module allows your company to test your opportunities either in United Kingdom or India and lay the groundwork before breaking ground on a new office. We assist with finding and securing the best candidates and providing direct business support when required. Not only is it the fastest way to establish a representative base in India or UK, the service is entirely flexible with no minimum term contracts.



Grassroot marketing services - UK - Engage directly with your consumer.


The close relationship which BSICC has built with South Indian communities in UK helps us to assist brands in engaging with South India communities in UK so as to bring advertising directly to the consumer and help target specific individuals or groups. These marketing campaigns have high impact with less clutter, less wastage and high recall/action. The campaign can be offered in 3 tiers depending on the needs of the client. These include Direct selling format, Road show format and Exhibition style format.


Incorporation and Due diligence - United Kingdom and India - No two setups are the same.


Establishing a company in India or UK not only requires an understanding of your options but also the insight to consider your future needs. We provide every client with a tailored approach to every project. And if the venture involves a new partnership our accounting partners has extensive experience of carrying out due diligence investigations inside organisations across India or UK.



UK India Introduction services - United Kingdom and India - Assisting you in making introduction and partner selections.


We assist you in providing indepth information on a particular market, identifying a new business partner for your services or looking to launch your product/ service in UK and India. In addition to conducting extensive market research, market potential and key trends within a marketplace, we help in warming up’ of potential partners and contacts, Assessment of the level of interest displayed by potential partners, background checks and partner references.



Business Process Outsourcing- India - Offering quality driven back-end support processes, offering various voice/non voice BPO services through  ISO certified facility in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Microfinance and IT/ITES.


We understand that number of our international clients would like to outsouces their non core activities and operation to a third party service provider so as to not only reduce cost but also to focus on their core activities. We can offer support for Data Management, Productized Services, Document management, Contact Centre Solution, IVR, Voice Logger, Inbound, Outbound, Data entry and processing, document conversion, document scanning, form processing, data capture, order processing, etc.




Headhunting and HR management - United Kingdom and India - Local sources for best local candidates managed to international.


We understands that when your branch office is on the other side of the world your staffing needs are far from standard. We place special emphasis on finding candidates with integrity and only recommend individuals that we would also be proud to employ. And for us, successfully finding the right person for the job is just the beginning. Unlike standard headhunters we are also able to provide on-going HR support such as acting as your administrative proxy when authorization controls are required.



Sourcing - United Kingdom and India - Procuring quality products from UK & India.


We help your company in procuring quality products from U.K and India. With access to a strong network of manufacturers and suppliers in UK, we provide our clients an edge and save them time in locating a preferred quality supplier.



Accounting and Administration - United Kingdom and India- Reduce risk and ensure local accounting compliance by out-sourcing your back office.


Accounting services from our delivery partners are aimed at reducing your exposure to risk by maintaining a clear division between your local team and our professional accountants. In addition to maintaining bookkeeping services according to the country regulations, we provide our clients with financial reports prepared to their requirements. Similarly, our Administrative services provide our clients with a firewall of protection ensuring that sensitive materials and procedures are only accessible according to strict guidelines.



Events and Promotions - United Kingdom and India - Trade missions & business meets.


We have extensive experience in organising and presenting business events ranging from business meets to multi-day trade missions.



Internships - India - Develop professional skills.


We offers one to three month Internship Programs starting every month all year round in Bangalore (India), allowing you to experience India and invest in your future.



Strategy and Market research - United Kingdom and India - Understand your market and plan your strategy before making huge investments.


We and our delivery partners has been assisting foreign companies to take their first steps in UK and India. From advising on company formation, to identifying real opportunities, to determining product pricing; we carefully guide and succinctly explain your best options.




For a briefing form, call us on +91 9343254130 or email us at




The price depend on the level of service and modules chosen as part of the programme. Our advisor will advise you of the costs associated with your individual requirement.



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