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Our mission is to promote trade and investment between India and the UK

Welcome to the BSICC

The British South India Council of Commerce, led by its dynamic leadership team, has been playing a major role in promoting trade, investment and business relations between the UK and India, specifically South India. The BSICC has now become one of the premier bodies who help organisations in the UK and India to explore opportunities between the two countries. The vast network of relationships which  the British South India Council of Commerce has built with  business and Government contacts in India and the UK helps the BSICC to offer companies a deeper understanding of how to capitalise on opportunities and best the challenges in the UK and India business environment.


The British South India Council of Commerce (BSICC) is an independent, non-partisan organisation which promotes business activity between UK and India; specifically the South Indian regions of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. The BSICC organises summits at UK parliament and has engaged with more than 2600 delegates from around thousand companies during the course of these summits.

The BSICCs’ work focuses on advising and guiding, and hand-holding both UK and Indian based SMEs, mid-market businesses and exporters on market entry points into the respective counter-markets; guiding them on aspects such as cultural awareness, strategy formation, contact points and prospective partners in the market so that they can be fast-tracked into country. 


The BSICC was formed by members of the South Indian community in the UK with the intention of generating awareness of the enormous investment potential of the South Indian states to UK companies as well as to encourage South Indian companies to invest in the UK.





The Living Bridge is a 36-month initiative set to launch in late 2020. The Bridge will provide practical assistance to 10,000+ companies over the course of three years, helping them form business partnerships in the UK-India trade corridor for the purposes of stimulating bi-lateral trade and investment between the UK and India. Participation is by invitation only.

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